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Home inspection Alberta by Certa Property Inspection2
Home Inspection Alberta by Certa Property Inspections
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Thermography Home Inspection Service
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We are proud to be the Red Deer Property Inspection Experts. At Certa Property Inspections, we strive to be the leaders in the industry. With a vast knowledge base and experience, we will inspect the following:

  • Exterior – We will inspect the siding, property grade, exterior foundation walls, doors, windows, garages, porches and decks, driveways and walkways, grading around the home, vegetation, and more.
  • Roofing – When it comes to roofing, it is one of the most important inspection points and we strive to pay extreme attention here. We will inspect your downspouts and gutters, all roof penetration points, chimneys, flashing, and look closely for any evidence of water penetration.
  • Structure – We will look at the foundation of the home, floors including beams, columns, and joists, the roofing structure, and inspect the crawlspace.
  • Insulation & Ventilation – We check to ensure that there is adequate insulation in your attic space as well as your walls, including a check for vapour barriers. When this is not visible to the naked eye, we will use our thermal camera to scan for any abnormalities. We will also check that your exhaust vent plumbing is adequate and working correctly.
  • Electrical – We check the amperage on the service to the home; will remove the “dead front” from the electrical panel and make sure things are correct, we will check for proper receptacle wiring, the presence of aluminum wiring, and that all switches and lights are functioning properly.
  • Heating & Cooling – Inspecting the main source of the heat in the home is vital, whether it is a furnace, boiler, baseboard heaters. We check to make the vent piping is correct; inspect the furnace if there is one. Check for Carbon Monoxide levels and proper sequencing of the unit. In addition, if weather permits, we will power up the A/C unit and test its functionality.
  • Plumbing – Every home has plumbing, and we check it thoroughly. We’ll check for leaks at the water tank (or tankless), under sinks, toilers, and bathing units. We check for adequate drainage in addition to water pressure for the home. In addition, we will look for a back flow preventer and inspect the sump pump if accessible.
  • Interior – Throughout the inspection process inside the home, we check the flooring, walls, ceiling, stairways, doors and their mechanisms, cabinets and counters, and for any evidence of water penetration.  

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 Read our many satisfied client testimonials

  • Alexander was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful in the inspection of my house. He did a very thorough job and caught things that I would have never noticed. He sat down and explained the Inspection Report with me and was very knowledgeable at his job. I would fully recommend Alexander's services to anyone who is looking for a quality home inspector. I will be sure to let my friends and family know about him if they need a home inspector

    Amanda Bodwell, Red Deer
  • I was able to learn lots from my home inspection with Alex, even though I consider myself a jack of all trades-master of none. He was thorough and pleasant to deal with. I followed him through the inspection and he talked me through everything he was looking at, and why. He answered all my questions and expanded on things I didn't even think to ask.

    Luke Niblock, Red Deer
  • Alex is friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. He provided outstanding  customer service and also worked with us to find time in our busy schedule. Alex was courteous and insightful and he provided a detailed list of things that need work. He answered all of our questions thoroughly and made us feel really comfortable. He then encouraged us to contact him anytime with any more questions or concerns we may have. It's an understatement to say that we were happy with his services and would most definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a reputable home inspector.

    Krysta Johannoson, Red Deer
  • Due to my life style which keeps me away from home more than I like, I found that Alex had lots of great ideas to lower my energy bills while I'm away while at the same time making me feel more comfortable growing my biggest investment. His fantastic and helpful attitude made all the difference to me creating this review. In my opinion if you want this work done professionally and also to work within your schedule you will find no one better suited.

    Dylan Barkley, Red Deer
  • I’ve had Certa inspect 2 of my properties, the inspections were very thorough. Also the rate was more appropriate than other quotes that were given to me. I liked the knowledge of the inspector and the advice that he gave me about my houses.

    Eric Haldemann, Red Deer
  • As a young woman with little experience in maintaining an older home, Alex took the time to educate me in ways to maintain the home and it's componants. He also explained the importance of keeping up with simple repairs which could save a homeowner lots of money in the long run.

    Shayla Lange, Red Deer
  • My brother and I bought a house earlier this year. Being a foreclosure, we had no inspection done on the house prior to buying it. We had Alex come in and do a full scale inspection to find some things we might have missed. Alex was very thorough and polite throughout the whole process. We were very happy with his inspection and would recommend him to anyone else! 

    Tyler Braun, Red Deer
  • Our company called Alexander with Certa Property Inspections and he was able to go and assess our unit the same day after we had a tenant complain of mold.  His recommendations were appreciated and explained thoroughly.  He was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.  The results were back within a few days.  We would definitely recommend Certa to anyone else.

    Kristie Blaeser, Red Deer Red Key Realty
  • I’m impressed by the prompt service Alex provides!  He has significantly helped me improve the saleability of a property listing by eliminating smoke odors through the use of his Ozone Machine.  Alex stands behind the services he provides and offers competitive home inspection rates.  I highly recommend him!

    Carrie Giffen, Red Deer Coldwell Banker
  • We had a unit that had been heavily smoked in for years, the tobacco odor was so strong that it made your lungs hurt to breathe in there for more than a few minutes. Certa brought in the Ozone machine for the weekend and we were absolutely amazed with the results. You honestly could not even tell their were smokers in there other than the appearance. We will definitely be using them again!

    Brandy Hemingway, Red Deer Magnum York, Property Management

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Home inspection Alberta by Certa Property Inspection2

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