Spring Maintenance and Home Inspection Tips



Keeping water out: Three common ways that water can get in your home:

  • First is those downspouts again. Make sure that they are not clogged and are down (extended away) from the home.


  • Secondly is grading (the earth) around the home. It is common that grading is flat. While flat grading is not terrible, we never want to see the ground sloping towards the home. Do a walk around when the snow melts to inspect the grading.


  • Lastly is a rising water table. Most homes are equipped with sump pits / pumps if they are in a high water table. Make sure you test the sump pump so that it works. Remember to remove any debris from the pit!

Roof Inspections:

  • Depending on the height of your roof, your confidence, and mobility, you may want to hire a roofing contractor for this. If performing this inspection yourself: make sure you have proper footwear, secured ladder, and the roof is dry to walk on. Look for blown off shingles (especially on the rakes and ridges as this is where they blow off). Make sure your vents are working well and not damaged.


  • Trees & Shrubs: As the warm weather begins to approach, remember to keep the vegetation at bay. Keep the trees and shrubs trimmed away from the home (and fence line). If you are going to keep some vegetation around the home, be careful to not overwater them as that water can make its way downstairs!
Certa Property and Home Inspection Services Red Deer AB

Certa Property and Home Inspection Services Red Deer AB


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