What is included in Your Home Inspection?

Are you looking for Home Inspectors in Red Deer, Alberta?

Are you wondering about how to find and compare the best home inspection services in Red Deer? We are proud to provide certified and insured Home Inspection services to the Red Deer Alberta Area. We help you have peace of mind with our detailed and thorough home inspection services. This is a list of a few of the things we look at in your home inspection. Not all properties will have all of these items, so each inspection will be customized to the property. The quality of service and detail may vary by each home inspector. Do your research and hire someone who is certified that you trust. These are a list of typical inspection points in a commercial property inspection.

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Home Inspections in Red Deer, Alberta

Visual checks for mold (Further testing would be required to confirm)
Visual checks for asbestos containing material (Further testing would be required to confirm)
Water Heaters / Boiler Heating Systems
Furnace / Air Conditioning Systems
Electrical SystemPlumbing fixtures
Sewer Camera Inspection
Safety systems
Thermal Imaging Included with inspection
Crawl space
Attic space + insulation
Decks / patio areas
Office spaces
Laundry spaces

Types of Red Deer Home Inspection Services

  • Business
  • Multi Family
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Office

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