Drone for Property Inspections

Certa Inspections offers stand alone drone imaging services for a variety of personal and professional needs. Our fleet of drones utilize 30-minute, minimum, of flight time, 10 km video transmission distance, Level 5 Wind Resistance, and produce 4K Video and picture quality!

Drone inspection services can range from photos and videos of buildings, events, and landscapes to more in-depth drone inspections for roofs, tall structures, and any other requirements for unmanned aerial vehicle inspections.

Our fleet of flying drones are 249 grams and do not require licensing. However, jurisdictional prohibitions such as proximity to airports and other restricted areas may limit the use of our unmanned equipment. The use of our drones is limited to daytime conditions and extreme temperatures such as rain and extreme wind conditions can prevent safe take off and operations.

Drone use during Certa’s property inspections: While the expert inspectors at Certa will make every possible attempt to walk on roofs, sometimes this is just not feasible nor safe. Our team of home and property inspectors come prepared to every inspection with drones in the event a roof line inspection is deemed unsafe to be walked on due to slope, accessibility, or weather to ensure that you will be provided with the most comprehensive inspection possible without sacrificing safety.