Got a funky smell that you just can’t get rid of? Perhaps you have tried using air purifiers, scented candles, maybe even replaced some flooring or repainted some walls. If all these items didn’t solve the issue, you may want to try our “ozone” odour removal service.

What is ozone?

Without getting too technical: ozone is oxygen with an additional oxygen molecule (O3). It is highly unstable and does not want to be in this state and prefers to lose this third oxygen molecule to become the stable oxygen molecule we breath (O2). Certa uses large industrial grade UV ozonators to create ozone gas that removes organic smells such as those described below.

Does it kill mold, viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens?

Yes. As ozone comes in contact with these pathogens, the ozone oxidizes as it comes in contact of the cell walls of these culprits. With the continued ozone exposure to these pathogens, the walls are destroyed to eliminate the pathogen. However, Certa does not perform sterilization services in this regard.

How about odor?

Yes. Ozone will destroy any foul organic odors. It achieves this oxidation through losing this third oxygen molecule which then binds to the chemical compound that is causing the odor. Once this compound forms, it changes the molecular structure of the odor source and removes the source of the odor.

The following odors can be treated by ozone:

  • Tobacco odors
  • Pet odors
  • Fire and flood damage
  • Mold
  • Cooking
  • Stale building smell

Does Ozone last?

Yes, an ozone treatment destroys odors once and for good. As long as the source of the odor is removed, the odor will be eliminated and not return.