Having your home inspected before you list your home offers many benefits that you may not have realized. These include:

Wear and tear:
When you hire a Certa home inspector, you can trust that you will receive not only the highest standard found in home inspections but also only have one inspector inside your home. Having multiple home inspectors enter your home not only adds wear and tear to your system components but is a disruption to your daily life. Our professional home inspectors take the utmost care when inspecting your home to expedite the sale of your home.

Facilitating a faster sale:
Having a third-party unbiased home inspection report not only saves time for all the parties involved, (you and your family, your agent, and the buying party) but also reduces your liability. Furthermore, having a completed home inspection report reduces last-minute, late-night, negotiations and possible last-minute over-inflated repair quotes.

Improvements in the sale price and condition of systems:
Equipped with our comprehensive home inspection report, you can choose which items need repair or servicing to improve not only the condition of the housing systems but also the sale price of your home! Once an offer has been made for your home, our top-rated home inspectors will discuss the findings of the inspection report with the potential buyers. We are experts in non-alarmist communication.

Helping you find your next home:
We are certain that once you had a chance to experience our thorough inspections, professional reports, and seamless facilitation of our pre-listing inspection process that we will be working together once again on your next home! We offer many inspection packages that include industry-leading services.