We are proud to be the Calgary’s Sewer Camera Inspection Experts. At Certa Property Inspections, we strive to be the leaders in the industry and are accredited through the PACP certification program and have since performed hundreds of sewer camera inspections. We strongly encourage our clients perform sewer camera inspections prior to the purchase of any structure to check for defects in the waste line. Root blockages, grease blockages, line fractures and collapses are regular sightings that we find during sewer line inspections. We feel that it is best to know what the status of the sanitary line before you end up with a dirty situation!

Typical sewer line material composition:

Pre 1960s: No corrode aka orangeburg, this material is simply paper and tar that is highly prone to collapse and ovality (deformation) with an expected lifespan of 50 years.

1960-1980: Ventrified clay tile pipe, this material was typically installed in short sections ranging between 2-4 feet and is highly prone to root intrusion and can succumb to fractures.

Post 1980: PVC-35 is the common sanitary material that is installed in residential homes in Alberta. While this material is a much better product, the common issues found with this material are deformities caused by poor backfilling practices when the line was installed. Hard clay and large stones that are not screened out of the backfill can cause deformations in the pipe which reduce the strength and integrity of the material.

Why including a Sewer scope as part of your inspection package is so important! Over the years, Certa Property Inspections has performed hundreds of sewer camera inspections on all types and ages of homes. We have noticed that regardless of the age, size, or location of the property an obstructed sewer lateral can occur for many reasons. If these issues are not discovered during the inspection process the alternative may be a backed-up sewer. This can amount to significant property damage along with undue stress. A sewer camera inspection can help mitigate and protect your home from a messy situation. Below are 2 homes 100 years apart in age but both have sewer lateral issues. The older home is partially blocked due to root intrusion between the clay tiles.
The second set of images shows a 2013 home with a completely submerged sewer lateral. This is typically caused by improper installation practices causing the pipe to settle after the installation. The newer home presents a more complex problem to rectify especially when the section that has settled is located directly below the basement concrete slab.

Sewer Camera Inspection Pictures