Thermal Imaging Services

Included with every inspection at no extra cost, we perform thermal imaging to assist in finding leaks behind walls and ceilings, missing insulation, air leaks, and electrical hot spots!

Thermal imaging can help spot:

  • Moisture intrusion– This works because moisture changes the thermal mass of the objects it penetrates. This means that if there is a leak in a wall or floor, this location will emit a different heat trace than the surrounding area which can then be spotted by the thermal camera.
  • Insulation– Most attics have insulation exposed to the naked eye, however insulation behind walls is a different story. With thermal imaging, we can detect the difference in temperatures in sections of walls where no insulation exists very easily. No need to rip out walls or flooring to try and find the location of the missing batt of insulation!
  • Electrical– When branch circuit wiring carry loads, they become energized and heated. With thermal imaging, it becomes easy to spot electrical areas that may be of concern. These will show up as hot receptacles in walls, wall switches, or breakers in an electrical panel.
  • Air Leakage– Whether in the winter or summer seasons, thermal imaging can play a crucial role in detecting locations of significant air leakage. Once the location is found, the problem remedied; the energy savings costs increase further showing the value of having thermal imaging.