Home and Commercial Inspections

in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Residential and Commercial Property Inspections in Alberta

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Property Inspection Services


Home Inspections

Our inspections are one of the most thorough in the province and exceed the inspections standards set out by Provincial regulators. We go over the exterior, roofing, structure, insulation, ventilation, electrical, heating & cooling, plumbing and interior!

Commercial Property Inspections

Our trained inspectors perform commercial inspections ranging from multi-family structures such as apartment units, mixed use residential and commercial units, stand-alone commercial buildings, and industrial structures.

Air Quality, Mold & Asbestos Testing

Certa is certified to perform both mold and asbestos testing to ensure that properties are safe to be occupied. Floods, unplanned water releases, and leaks can cause mold growth in some buildings while others have been built with asbestos which is a known carcinogen.

Sewer Camera Inspections

We are PACP certified and have performed hundreds of sewer line inspections throughout Alberta. We strongly recommend having sewer lines inspected to ensure no grease or root blockages, line deformities/collapse, and/or poor slope that could be a potential threat.


WETT Inspections

Often an insurance requirement, we are certified to perform Level 1 WETT Inspections to confirm that the installation of wood burning fireplaces and stoves have been completed as per the manufacturer’s requirements and the latest Building and Fire Code.

Ozone Odour Removal Service

Utilizing ozone generating machines, we offer a highly effective odour removal service to get rid of unpleasant smells caused by cooking, tobacco, pets, and even stale “aged” home smells.

Property Inspection Pricing

Package I

Standard Property Inspection

Starting at $500
Property Inspection 
Thermal Imaging
Sewer Cam Inspection
WETT Inspection

Package III

Comprehensive Inspection

Starting at $900
Property Inspection 
Thermal Imaging
Sewer Cam Inspection
WETT Inspection