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WETT Inspections in Calgary, Alberta

At Certa Property Inspections, we’re proud to offer WETT inspections for Calgary, Alberta, residents. Ensuring that all the elements of your solid fuel-burning system are working correctly and meeting the requirements of building codes is essential for your home’s fire safety. That’s why we go the extra mile to perform inspections that carefully adhere to all WETT guidelines.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inspections for Alberta, Canada, Residents

When you need a professional WETT inspection in Calgary, Alberta, our team will be happy to help. Certa Property Inspections serves numerous locations throughout Alberta, Canada, so that everyone can receive a detailed inspection for their entire wood-burning system. To get an accurate WETT inspection report for your factory-built fireplace or other solid fuel-burning appliance.

A wood energy technology transfer inspection is the inspection of wood-burning appliances, masonry fireplaces, factory-built fireplaces, inserts, and other uncertified appliances by a WETT-certified inspector. They examine cooking stoves, space heaters (wood stoves), pellet stoves, and other systems to ensure that they were installed as required by the manufacturer’s installation instructions. Residential WETT inspections are important to make certain all the elements of your wood-burning system satisfy today’s fire and building codes so that it will not cause any future problems for your family.

During our WETT inspections in Calgary, Alberta, we’ll thoroughly examine all aspects of your wood-burning appliances so that none of them are breaking a fire code requirement. The visual inspection will include a detailed review of the flue pipe, fireplace, chimney, vent, and other important parts of the system. Our stove and fireplace inspections will also take a closer look at the components to double-check that they have been installed correctly, are functioning properly, and aren’t damaged in a way that might conflict with a code and put your family at risk.

Since 2020, many home insurance providers have become more stringent, requiring homeowners to have a fire code inspection for their wood-burning appliances. To ensure that your insurance company is satisfied, give Certa Property Inspections a call.

We provide Level 1 certified WETT inspections in Alberta and have performed countless inspections to confirm that fireplaces have been safely installed and are operating correctly. Reach out today to learn more specific details regarding our wood-burning appliance inspections.

Wood Energy Technology Transfer Inc. (WETT Inc.) is a non-profit training and education association managed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by holders of valid WETT certificates. Through its administrative designation, WETT Inc. functions as the national registrar of the WETT program. Through professional training and public education, WETT Inc. promotes the safe and effective use of wood-burning systems in Canada.

Ensure Your Stove and Fireplace Are Installed Properly With a Residential WETT Inspection

Scheduling a wood-burning appliance inspection is important for more than just meeting the needs of your insurance company — it can be instrumental in ensuring your family’s safety. There are many potential problems that wood-burning appliances can experience that are not easily noticed unless you have the necessary training. By having your appliances checked out by a professional WETT inspector, you can receive peace of mind knowing that your systems are in good working order. Once we’re finished with your inspection, you’ll know for sure that there aren’t any potential dangers that would put your family at risk of a house fire.


We’re WETT-Certified Inspectors

When you need someone to perform a fire code inspection, it’s important that they have the necessary training and experience for the job. At Certa Property Inspections, you can have confidence that every inspector on our team has the required expertise to carry out inspections properly. We are certified WETT inspectors and follow the recommended WETT Inc. inspection checklist to ensure proper installation practices are followed. The inspection also includes an inspection of the chimney from the roof to ensure it was installed in a safe manner.

For Professional WETT Inspections in Calgary, Alberta, Reach Out Today

To prevent smoke spillage, rapid creosote accumulation, and other hazards caused by a wood-burning fireplace, reach out to our team for a thorough WETT inspection. Certa Property Inspections is proud to support the people of Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, Okotoks, Chestermere, Bowden, Didsbury, Linden, Olds, Rocky View County, Foothills County, Strathmore County, and Mountain View County, so that everyone can have confidence that their fireplace or stoves are safe and functional.

For more information on our WETT inspections in Calgary, Alberta, contact us today and schedule one of our inspection services.

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