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Odor Removal

Got a funky smell that you just can’t get rid of? Perhaps you have tried using air purifiers, scented candles, maybe even replaced some flooring, or repainted some walls. If none of these actions didn’t solve the issue, you might want to try our “ozone” odor removal service.

What Is Ozone?

Without getting too technical: ozone is oxygen with an additional oxygen molecule (O3). It is highly unstable and does not want to be in this state and prefers to lose this third oxygen molecule to become the stable oxygen molecule we breathe (O2). Certa uses large industrial-grade UV ozonators to create ozone gas that removes organic smells such as those described below.

Does It Kill Mold, Viruses, Bacteria, and Other Pathogens?

Yes. As ozone comes in contact with these pathogens, the ozone oxidizes as it comes in contact with the cell walls of these culprits. With the continued ozone exposure to these pathogens, the walls are destroyed to eliminate the pathogen. However, Certa does not perform sterilization services in this regard.

How About Odor?

Yes. Ozone will destroy any foul organic odors. It achieves this oxidation by losing this third oxygen molecule which then binds to the chemical compound that is causing the odor. Once this compound forms, it changes the molecular structure of the odor source and removes the source of the odor.

The Following Odors Can Be Treated By Ozone:

  • Tobacco odors
  • Pet odors
  • Fire and flood damage
  • Mold
  • Cooking
  • Stale building smell

Does Ozone last?

Yes, an ozone treatment destroys odors once and for good. As long as the source of the odor is removed, the odor will be eliminated and will not return.

Why It’s Important to Remove Odors Sooner Rather Than Later

Unpleasant odors in homes aren’t just inconvenient — some can be harmful to your health. Lingering odors from sources such as mildew in damp corners, cigarette smoke embedded in furniture, or pet urine in carpets can harbor harmful germs, bacteria, allergens, and toxins. These odors significantly deteriorate the quality of air in your living space. 

Everyday occurrences like cooking odors, food smells, and an overpowering scent from burnt food can linger for several hours, even days. They create an environment of discomfort and a general unwelcoming vibe in your home, not to mention the bad smell that’s unpleasant for everyone around.

Further, persistent and unwanted odors, such as those caused by smoke damage from a fire, vehicle odors in recreational vehicles, and even foul odors in a rental property can significantly depreciate the property’s value. In these scenarios, professional odor removal services are essential. 

These services come equipped with the equipment and processes to rid your home of unwanted smells permanently. Additionally, ozone generators can be used for air purification, effectively eliminating any residual odors, thereby ensuring a healthy, pleasant-smelling living environment.

Why Only Professionals Should Perform Ozone Removals

Ozone treatments are an effective method to remove a variety of stubborn odors from a space. Ozone blasting, in particular, is renowned for its ability to eliminate odors caused by mold, mildew, smoke, food, or even vomit. However, the process of ozone blasting is not as simple as it sounds and requires expertise and professional equipment — an improperly conducted ozone treatment could lead to adverse consequences.

Ozone generators, an essential component of this treatment, create ozone — a potent compound that kills bacteria and permanently removes even the most stubborn smells. However, while efficient, ozone can be harmful if used improperly. It requires several hours to revert to breathable air after treatment, which means the area being treated must be vacated and aired out immediately post-treatment. Professionals trained in odor removal and ozone treatments are aware of these hazards. They ensure your room, house, or car is aired out thoroughly before re-entry, eliminating the risk of exposure to harmful ozone residues.

Thus, for significant odor problems, such as stubborn cooking odors to serious cigarette smoke removal, it’s best to hire a professional company specializing in odor removal. These companies possess the knowledge, tools, and methods to rid your living spaces of unwanted odors. Trusting professionals ensures your environment is not just smelling fresh and clean but is also healthy and safe. After all, an odor-free space is synonymous with a healthy and comfortable living environment.

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