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Property and Home Inspections in Strathmore, Alberta

Welcome to Certa Property Inspections, your reliable partner for property and home inspections in Strathmore, Alberta. We are dedicated to ensuring that your home purchase is a sound investment, offering home inspection services that are both comprehensive and meticulous. As certified home inspectors, our mission is to equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your property.

How Do Home and Property Inspections Work in Strathmore, Alberta?

As your trusted home and property inspectors, our task is to examine every part of your prospective property and deliver a detailed report. From the attic to the walls and the ceiling, no corner goes unchecked during our thorough inspection.

As home inspectors, we know that purchasing a house is a crucial decision. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or a real estate pro, we’re here to provide home inspection services that ensure the integrity of your important investment.

Our inspection process is not limited to residential properties. We also offer commercial inspections to businesses across Strathmore, Alberta, covering the same scope of inspection services to ensure your commercial property’s quality and safety.

Inspection Services

Our wide-ranging selection of inspection services is expertly designed to give you a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the property you’re considering for investment in Strathmore, Alberta. We don’t just conduct a casual walk-through; instead, we pride ourselves on our systematic and meticulous approach to ensure that your potential home or commercial property is safe, secure, and worth every penny of your investment.

Our home inspectors conduct an exhaustive and meticulous inspection of both the property’s interior and exterior. This involves an in-depth examination of the property’s framework, inspecting the solidity of the foundation, the condition of the walls, ceiling, attic, and floors, checking for any potential structural weaknesses or damages that could significantly affect the property’s value and safety.

In addition to these, our home inspection services extend to an extensive check of the property’s electrical and plumbing systems. We go over every switch, outlet, and circuit breaker, ensuring that the electrical system adheres to the necessary safety regulations. Our registered home inspectors assesses the plumbing system, checking for proper pipe insulation, looking for any leaks or signs of water damage, and ensuring that the water pressure is adequate.

What’s more, we also take a deep dive into inspecting the structural integrity of the house. This is a critical part of the property inspection because the structural integrity directly impacts the safety and longevity of the property. Our certified home inspectors are well-versed in identifying problems related to the foundation, roof, and load-bearing walls, providing you with the reassurance you need before proceeding with your home purchase.

We understand that your potential property investment, whether in a house or commercial building, is more than just a financial decision—it’s about ensuring a safe, quality space for you, your family, or your business. Hence, we ensure that our inspection services provide you with every detail, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to understanding your prospective property.

Commercial Inspections

For businesses operating in Strathmore, Alberta, our commercial inspections service is an essential consideration. Whether you’re thinking of investing in a storefront, an office building, or a rental property, our highly trained and certified property inspectors are equipped to provide you with an exhaustive assessment of your prospective commercial property.

In the realm of commercial properties, understanding the physical state of your potential business space is crucial to ensure smooth business operations, safety of your employees and clients, and a sound investment. And this is where our commercial inspections service steps in.

During a commercial inspection, our team conducts a comprehensive check of the building’s interior and exterior. This includes but is not limited to assessing the structure and foundation, roofing, electrical and plumbing systems, HVAC systems, and compliance with applicable standards.

The exterior examination involves a meticulous review of the building’s roofing, drainage, parking facilities, and landscape. This helps us identify any potential problems that could impact the property’s functionality or cause safety hazards.

Our interior inspection involves a detailed check of the building’s structure, electrical and plumbing systems, HVAC installations, and even the condition of interior surfaces like floors, walls, and ceilings. We’ll inspect every corner, looking for any issues that could affect its overall functionality, safety, and value.

Furthermore, our commercial inspections encompass an comprehensive assessment of the property. Any non-compliance could potentially lead to legal issues and hefty fines, which is why our inspection services focus on identifying such aspects during our inspection.

Lastly, we understand that each business has unique needs and expectations from its physical space. Thus, our property inspectors also cater to any specific areas of concern you may have, such as accessibility features, energy efficiency aspects, or potential renovation possibilities.

Remember, the goal of a commercial inspection isn’t just to point out what’s wrong. It’s about providing a clear and detailed picture of your potential investment, helping you make a fully informed business decision. So if you’re considering purchasing or leasing a commercial property in Strathmore, Alberta, our commercial inspections service is a vital resource to help safeguard your investment.

Air Quality Testing

Besides our comprehensive inspection services, we also offer specialized air quality testing services, contributing an extra layer of protection and assurance for your potential investment. This testing service is not just an add-on but an integral part of our dedication to ensure the health and safety of your home or workplace in Strathmore, Alberta.

Air quality is something often overlooked, but it can have significant impacts on your health, productivity, and overall comfort. Poor indoor air quality can result from various sources like dust, mold, asbestos, and other hazardous particles. If left unchecked, they can cause various health issues, ranging from allergies and respiratory issues to more severe health conditions.

With our air quality testing service, our certified home inspectors check for the presence of these harmful particles, ensuring your potential residential or commercial property is free from such risks. We use advanced testing tools and follow strict testing procedures to ensure the accuracy of our results.

Firstly, we collect air samples from different parts of the house or commercial property. This process includes taking samples from areas that are prone to moisture and dampness, such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and any other places where mold growth is more likely.

Next, these samples are sent to a lab, where they’re tested for the presence of various pollutants, including mold and asbestos. The detailed inspection report you receive will include the results of these tests, clearly detailing the type and concentration of any hazardous particles found.

Moreover, if the testing reveals the presence of pollutants, our home inspection services also cover recommending measures to eliminate these hazards, helping you ensure that your home or workplace remains safe and healthy for all occupants.

When it comes to the safety of your family or your employees, there should be no compromises. Hence, our air quality testing service is a crucial step towards maintaining a safe, healthy environment in your potential property. Whether you’re a potential home buyer, a seller, a property manager, or a business owner, investing in air quality testing is a proactive step towards ensuring health and safety.

WETT Inspections

If you have a wood-burning system in your property, our WETT inspections service should be on your radar. As a vital component of our diverse range of inspection services, this specific service focuses on evaluating the wood-burning systems in your home or business establishment in Strathmore, Alberta. Our certified master inspectors conducts these inspections, ensuring the systems are installed correctly, maintained well, and are safe to use.

Wood-burning appliances, while providing a cozy, warm ambiance and being an efficient heating source, also come with their set of safety concerns. Inadequate installation, poor maintenance, or prolonged usage can potentially lead to fire hazards, carbon monoxide poisoning, or other safety risks. This is where our WETT inspections come into play.

Our certified master inspectors conduct a thorough inspection of your wood-burning systems. They inspect the appliance from multiple angles – whether it’s a fireplace, a wood stove, or a wood-burning furnace. The inspection covers everything from checking the appliance’s installation, ensuring it adheres to the manufacturer’s instructions and verifying that the device is functioning.

We also inspect the condition of the chimney, checking for blockages, creosote buildup, or signs of damage. Our WETT inspectors evaluate the safety clearances around the wood-burning system, ensuring there’s adequate space around the device to prevent accidental fires.

Moreover, our WETT inspections also include assessing the maintenance history of your wood-burning system. Regular maintenance is crucial to the safe and efficient operation of these systems. Therefore, our certified WETT inspectors make sure to note any signs of neglect or irregular maintenance during the inspection.

The inspection report you receive at the end will detail all the findings of the inspection. It will provide an accurate and comprehensive picture of your wood-burning system’s current state, including any safety concerns or areas that need attention.

At the end of the day, our goal with the WETT inspections service is to ensure that you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of your wood-burning system without any worries about safety. Whether you are buying, selling, or currently own a property with a wood-burning system in Strathmore, Alberta, let our WETT inspections give you peace of mind knowing that your system is up to par.

Sewer Inspections in Strathmore

Certa Property Inspections is a leading provider of sewer inspection services in Strathmore, Alberta. We recognize the critical role that a well-functioning sewer system plays in maintaining the overall integrity and health of your property.

Our team of experts uses cutting-edge technology to conduct thorough inspections of your sewer system. We identify potential problems such as blockages, leaks, or structural damage that, if overlooked, could lead to substantial repairs down the line.

When you choose Certa Property Inspections for your sewer inspection needs, you receive a detailed report outlining our findings, complete with photographs and recommendations for any necessary maintenance or repairs. Trust us to ensure the optimal operation of your property’s sewer system.

Ozone and Odor Removal Services in Strathmore

Alongside sewer inspections, Certa Property Inspections also offers top-tier ozone and odor removal services in Strathmore, Alberta. Persistent odors can be more than just irritating; they can signal deeper issues like mold growth or pest infestations.

Our innovative ozone and odor removal service effectively neutralizes unpleasant smells at their source. We handle a wide variety of odors, from smoke and pets to cooking and more.

Importantly, our ozone treatments also eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

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Whether you’re purchasing a new home, selling your existing property, or managing a business, an inspection is an invaluable tool. With Certa Property Inspections, you’re not just hiring an inspector; you’re ensuring peace of mind.

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